Anonymous asked: Hi i'm a different anon and i just want to mention that, if I like your self harm post or your post where you're having an awful night, I'm not trying to revel in your bad feelings and kick you while you're low, I'm trying to blip that little heart button like "I feel you, even from this weird distance I see your pain and I wish you good days and good nights and things that make you smile. I support you and the work you put into just feeling ok. Someone in the world thinks you deserve good."

you’re cute thank you ;w; i just finished breakfast…



Anonymous asked: Please love yourself why do people like your posts about self harm in that manner... Please be kind to yourself. You deserve kindness and love. You are beautiful the way you are. 🌺💝

thank you ;o;

i’m starting my old diet again tomorrow

i only eat when i earn the right to. 

and lots of discipline through hard exercise.


kill daddy doms


Daddy doms are too fucking disgusting for life.


Chocolate Rose Petal Ice Cream
"This sweet ice cream is a wonderful combination of rose flavour and chocolate."
Average Market Price: 350 NP

of course I freed the cute one after making the video | march 2014

calpico DIY bong

pukakke asked: i hope it isn't too much to request, but would you be down for drawing pearlxamethyst from steven universe? (or at least amethyst's cute chubby self) thank you your art is so cute i just found you today ;w;



aaaah pearlxamethyst is so cute >w<

OMG!!! they’re perfect!! your art is so lovely ;w;

here’s a cute quote for tumblr dot txt: i’m a lesbian and i don’t value or respect men

irregularpersons replied to your post: Daddy doms are too fucking disgusting…

find a guy u like and they will both disgust and enthrall u

good thing i dont like guys

kill daddy doms