all i did was tag that ed edd and eddy porn as nsfw

Mine (left) and okmoonkid’s pyrite (right) nice nice

Anonymous asked: so ive been talking to this guy i met through tumblr online for 2 months and he always flirts with me despite the fact i told him i was a lesbian. i dont really call him out on it as i can just ignore it but he seems to have taken that as meaning that i like him. he sees himself as an exception apparently. we met up recently with some friends and i had fun, the problem is he asked me out. i really dont want to hurt his feelings because i feel like ive led him on but how do i just get him to stop

hurt his feelings and tell him no and that you’re a lesbian and you have told him this before and clearly he didn’t listen to you when you first said this. if he gets upset with you then he really isn’t worth it. sometimes you just have to be mean! but thats just my opinion at least. good luck whatever you do!!


I havent even seen this movie I just want these two to kiss really bad. they need more fanart for the love of fairy god

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Ancient Puppy Paw Prints Found on Roman Tiles

Stretched cheek piercings

Selfies while waiting for the train 2 art class

i want your sweater omfg

there were two doves hanging on my deck, but i couldnt get a good picture of both of them at the same time. but heres the one i did get that came out really nice!