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Transparent Hieroglyphics (Mazuca strigicincta) Moth. (x).

please tag your eren/levi especially if its bondage or nsfw because it makes me extremely uncomfortable and i’m holding myself back from unfollowing you because you’re my friend but i hate your taste in ships 


all i need tbh

quadrant-equation answered: */walks in like i own the place * i know you wanna draw opal and annie


levihan diddles u-u

Levi tats because he was a gangster and scars from titan fightin’
*runs away*

Anonymous asked: your post about stick and poke reminded me of the annie tattoo (which looks great by the wa y!!!) and i was just wondering if you could explain the process of getting the tattoo? and how much it hurt or bled? i'm sorry you've probably been asked this before!! but im really interested in tattoos and i havent really had anyone to talk to about it, so i thought i could ask you. hehe thank you <3

of course you can talk to me!!

so basically, first they shave your area, even if its pretty much hairless. it’s just to make sure the skin is smooth for tattooing. after that, they clean it with alcohol, etc which will burn a little of course. then they start with the stencil, which will just be washable marker that if you dont like a detail you can change it. of course some artists like to free hand, in which case, if you dont feel comfortable with them doing so, im pretty sure you can ask them to use a stencil. another sign that your artist is good is if they show you that they’re opening all new needles and fresh ink. they make sure you’re comfortable (again if they’re a good artist) before they start with the actual needle. for me, i got it in a sensitive area that some people can’t handle, but in my opinion, it wasn’t bad at all. apparently i have a decent pain tolerance, because he said that other people who got them in less sensitive areas freaked out more than me. it was when he got to colouring that it started to hurt really bad but even then it was bearable. i barely bled during the line art, but i did bleed a lot during the colouring. its best not to take any medications or alcohol so that your blood stays thick and you dont bleed too much (anything blood thinning can be dangerous for you and your tattoo!) after about 2-3 hours, it was done, and thats when it was finally really sore. the first healing hour was pure pain, but like i said, you deal with it! the two weeks after, you’ll peal and itch, and it’ll hurt to move the muscle under the tattoo, but it’s so worth it. just dont pick at the scabs and use your lotion and creams and youll be fine!

i’m so happy with her! and thanks for the compliment! if you need more info don’t be afraid to ask! 

who in orange county orlando FL is good at stick and pokes and wants to be friends and tattoo me and is into the feminist trash punk + nature life?

preferably that you’re also into fandom stuff and we can bond and what not while we tattoo each other


Hi I’m Misa and instead of doing my work I draw Yume Nikki characters masturbating in workbooks that I have to turn in holla
Edit: Oh my god I forgot the hand coming from her head
I’ll finish this someday hoo boy